Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power - Bubble Gum

Dishwashing detergent

Bubble Gum

  • chewing gum flavor
  • economical in use
  • does not leave a phenolic film

Dishwashing detergent


  • banana flavor
  • powerful formula
  • safe food dye in formula
Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power Banane
Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power Balsam

Dishwashing detergent


  • Due to the content of glycerin cares for the skin
  • Has a pleasant almonds aroma
  • Easy to rinse

Dishwashing detergent


  • without dye and flavor
  • high concentration of the product increases the washing capacity
  • easy to rinse
Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power Platinum
Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power Green tea

Dishwashing detergent

Green tea

  • phosphate-free
  • gentle and effective cleansing
  • ultra concentrate
  • light aroma

Dishwashing detergent

Black coal

  • perfectly clean all types of dishes
  • absorbs unpleasant smells (incl. the smells of fish, onion and garlic)
  • the product contains natural absorbent
  • new effective, safe formula
Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power Black coal
Dishwashing detergent Maxi Power Anti grease

Cleaner for kitchen

Anti grease

For cleaning surfaces from grease, soot and other strong contaminations

  • technologically advanced formula
  • result in 5 minutes
  • ultra concentrate

All-Purpose Cleaner

For bathroom

For bathroom Suitable for sinks, baths, toilets, tiles, stainless surfaces. Effectively removes limescale, dirt and rust

  • highly effective detergent
  • citric acid dissolves limescale without harm to health
  • sulfamic acid – brightens the surface
Maxi Power - all-purpose cleaner for bathroom
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